FBGs in almost all types of fibers

We offer high-quality Fiber Bragg Gratings in Single-/Multi-Core as well as Single-/Multi-Mode Silica Fibers.

Direct Writing through Cladding and Coating

Based on our proprietary Femtosecond Laser Process we create Fiber Bragg Gratings fully-automated point-by-point. We inscribe the FBGs directly into the core of the fiber without doing any damage to the cladding and coating of the fiber.

Our process has an extensive geometrical control with a precision of less than 100nm. Furthermore every induced change of refractive index within the fiber core is instantaneously documented by our spectral inline quality inspection process.

Customized FBG Array

Without the necessity of de-/re-coating the optical fiber, we can offer you a complete freedom in spacing your FBGs along the fiber. Whether 8 FBGs tightly packed into 1cm or even more FBGs with several meters distance inbetween them, we can produce it.

We are able to produce the FBG array in fibers with standard acrylate or polyimide coating. Custom coatings like carbon are also possible as well as special fiber types like bend insensitive, gradient index or radiation resistent fibers.